My Plan (Marilyn Macha, CEO of Asset & Securities Consulting, Founder of Marilyn Macha Consulting, Speaker, and an Amazon Best Selling Author)

CEO BLINDSPOTS GUEST: Marilyn Macha. Marilyn started and sold a financial services firm, after 30 years of helping people design investment portfolios specifically aligned with their individuals’ goals, concerns and desires. After selling her company, she started her consulting firm, where her primary focus is helping successful businesswomen shatter their perceived glass ceilings. In addition, she is a speaker, and an Amazon best selling author. For more information about Marilyn, please visit

CEO BLINDSPOTS HOST: Birgit Kamps, who started and sold an “Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Private Company” and a “Best Company to Work for in Texas”, prior to founding Hire Universe LLC.

Now she supports her clients by “discovering leadership blindspots in lightning speed” and “ensuring the right people are in the rights seats on the right bus “.

To receive a copy of the “10 Most Common Leadership Blindspots”, visit

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