Discovers blind spots in lightning speed!!!

“I often refer to Birgit as an “Human X-ray machine” who can see right through people and discovers blindspots in lightning speed. The results that her unique ability lead to, include helping leaders accomplish more through further development of their teams and making sure the right people are on and off the bus.”

Quickly identifies and resolves situations

“When leading a high energy self-motivated executive team, many times despite the best intentions of everyone misconceptions and misunderstandings between team members can often go unnoticed or even when noticed are left unresolved. This can result in a decline of attitude and performance of an otherwise effective management team.  I have found Birgit an invaluable resource in quickly identifying and resolving these situations with the result being a return to normalcy and top performance.”

Continues to exceed our expectations

“We have retained Birgit Kamps’ expertise in evaluating executives for over 5 years. She has proven to be very effective and continues to exceed our expectations…We always engage her services prior to making any final investment decisions.”

Without peer

“In 30 years of ministry, higher education, and non-profit leadership, I have never worked with a consultant who so immediately added value to our work while increasing my own skill set and leadership capacity. Birgit’s experience, data-driven analysis and extraordinary emotional intelligence makes her without peer in executive recruiting, retention and organizational culture. She is a joy to work with and a wonder to behold.”

Sized up situations and offers right on advice

“I can genuinely say Birgit is very possibly an “EQ genius”… I am shocked at her ability to “size up” a situation and offer “right on” advice. Her purity of language and commitment to honor people, allows for welcomed and effective transformation. We were already a successful organization, yet I am convinced that our team for generations to come will be blessed because of the coaching she has given me in how to raise us to the next level of excellence. Her coaching is most of all the gift of HOURS in your day.”

Exceeded my high expectations

“Birgit’s thorough, objective process produced extremely valuable insights that I have already begun to use to make decisions regarding staffing and priorities. I knew she would be great, but she exceeded my high expectations.”

Helped me become a better manager of people

“Our firm received the top score of all the firms in the survey (550 participating firms). We wouldn’t be in this spot without Birgit! I appreciate her very much for working with me and helping me become a better manager of people, and highly recommend her!”

Improved my communication with board members

“Before Birgit, an important conversation with a few Board Members took over 3.5 hours. After my first visit with her, that same conversation with multiple Board Members only took 30 minutes, with a very favorable outcome for all involved. She also helped me prevent a potential legal liability and high impact morale issues, in the process of letting someone go. Birgit taught me how to catch my own fish in less than 10 hours, and I highly recommend her.”

Identifies important issues that others didn’t see

“Birgit took on an assignment to work with us in evaluating a CEO candidate. The assessment work involved a broad circle of reference checks as well as face-to-face interviews with the candidate and extensive discussion with me. Her job was to assess the fit of the candidate with the company, the culture, and the mission…..She did an excellent job. It seemed to me that she had a unique skill in identifying important issues relative to long-term success that the rest of the hiring process did not address. I plan to use her services in the future”

Best of the Best

“Having successfully worked with many reputable consulting organizations in the past, I can confidently state that Birgit Kamps of Hire Universe is simply, the Best of the Best.”

Fast, efficient, and obtains deep insights into people

“Birgit is a pleasure to work with and brings tremendous value to the assignments she undertakes…..Birgit is fast, efficient and able to obtain deep insights into people that otherwise would be unattainable…..I highly recommend Birgit as an integral part of the process of hiring and building a strong, capable and highly motivated team.”

Birgit’s process is now mandatory at our company

“Birgit has a unique ability to understand what a private equity type investor will want from its management team members…..Our portfolio company management team members are the most important assets for driving a successful investment outcome…..Our Company currently requires that all potential “C-level” managers go through the “Birgit process.”

We follow Birgit’s recommendations with management teams

“Our Company has been very pleased with the services of evaluating management teams provided by Birgit Kamps and highly recommend her and her services to others…..Through the years we have both invested and rejected investment with management teams based on her recommendations.”

Birgit’s results were an eye opening and kept us from a painful financial loss

“As an investment company, we have come to realize that our main challenge is to determine the quality and performance capacity of the executives of the corporations we have targeted to invest in. We were not effective prior to meeting you in putting this into practice…..Birgit’s first task performed on our behalf gave unexpected positive results that were frankly a true eye-opener. In one instance, your analysis kept us out of an investment that would have, at a minimum, been very painful but most likely a total financial loss.